Taping the DVD

We just got done taping our first exercise DVD for Barb’s Fit U. To say the least, it wasn’t easy! There is something about being on camera, it kind of changes things. I am a real person with a very real body that has all sorts of not-so-perfect spots, and as much as I don’t want to be vain, looking at myself on television causes me to be discontented in some ways.
So I cried out to the Lord lots and lots, and I laughed a lot. Now we go to the editing phase, and then we will market this as the tool it is intended to be. At least, my viewers won’t thing they are dealing with a perfect model–I am as flawed as they are, if not more in many ways. This is a true lesson in humility. And the message remains: flaws are no reasons to not exercise, to not move our bodies, to not work them to our advantage. We can all start right where we are at, and our past is in no way a prophecy of our future. And of that, I am a true witness!


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