PA Grand Canyon

My husband and I went on a 4 days get-away at the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon–who would have ever thought there was something so cool right here in Pa? It was absolutely gorgeous! The bottom of the canyon has a river, and both sides of the mountains are state parks that you can hike down and up. We did them both and got a serious workout! All along, there are waterfalls, small and big, and you can hear them throughout the canyon. The birds sing their songs and the colors are amazing. At the bottom of the canyon, there is a 42-mile bike trail, of which we biked a few miles only, but it is right along the river, and so very peaceful.
We stayed at a great bed and breakfast; well actually, it was an apartment stocked with breakfast foods. It had the coolest deck positioned just right to view incredible sunsets. That is where we were when we weren’t hiking. There, with wine or coffee depending on the time of day, We dreamed together about our children’s future, reflected on the Lord’s goodness to us, planned our businesses, joked and laughed, and it felt so wonderful to be alive to Him, to each other and simply to life.
That was my 49th birthday and my first 4th of July as an American–can’t think of a better way to spend both!


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