Early Morning Walks

A few weeks ago, it was daylight when I set out for my daily early morning walks; now it is not quite as bright, and a little harder to make the decision to get out there. But I really don’t have much of a decision to make: the Master is calling, and the servant is answering–period.
Yet it is so much more than that–more like a friend calling another, or a Father calling a son. I delight in answering, my spirit longs for these times alone with Him.
I go out there and walk my heart out while I speak with Him about all that my life is about. I declare His praise and His worthiness, I speak of His lovingkindness, I commit those I love to Him and their challenges. I settle my heart in His presence, drinking all that I need for the day that is coming. I eat of Him until I am full, I sit with Him and let Him speak to me His wonderful Word, making it clear to me. He tells me of His plans for me, plans for those I love, and I concur with Him. When there are struggles, I stay with Him until I know that He will win.
And then my day begins. I wouldn’t dare start apart from Him. He Himself is my necessary food. And He is wonderful to my taste, to my heart, to my soul.



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