Well, another NEWAY class is finishing tonight with the traditional potluck. I am so proud of them, they have done so well. Somehow this group was special to me— but then again, they all are! I love how it evolves, starting from 9 individuals meeting together and finishing as a group of ladies who have traveled together and shared victories. I love how real these women become and I get so thrilled as I see confidence emerging in them, hope for a better tomorrow, and the knowledge that they actually can have control over their bodies.
I love to see the transformation and the faces brighten up.
Tonight, we celebrate with good, healthy food, and then I send them on their way, convinced that they now have the tools to make wise decisions.
In September, I start all over again. 16 women have signed up thus far, and I already am praying for their success. 16 more people to love and care for, to work with until they can freely enjoy life the way they were intended to.
And then, later this fall, maybe we’ll start NEWAY for couples… How exciting it is to let the Lord lead us into His path!
To God be the glory forever and ever!


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