August Conference

Every year, my church hosts an August conference where many of our international friends come and stay in our homes for two weeks in order to hear a concentrated word. We have meetings three times a day, and the Lord uses this time to build in us what is necessary for life.
Between the meetings, we want to be together of course, so the days are long, but oh so rich.
This year, we are hearing a word that will be revolutionary in my life. There are many things tugging at my heart these days, and the tendency for me is to simply be involved with those things, but I understand the value of putting them aside in view of the will of God. I can commit my “issues” to Him, and He is well able to deal with them. I must have a heart unhindered to receive this rich word He is extending to us as a favor. I am just beginning to chew on it, but I am expecting much from the Lord, and my understanding will grow as I keep presenting myself to Him for His work in me. I realize my serious need of attitude adjustments, and I offer myself to Him that He might do in me what I can never do for myself. He is in the business of transforming lives for His glory, and I simply say “yes.” Have Your way, Lord Jesus.


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