It is amazing to me how we are made for change. Here we go, along our own little merry way, and God is able to turn us around completely in a matter of seconds, and we are more than fine.
I have decided to stop personal training people at home in order to have more time and to go back to school to obtain a Master’s Degree in Holistic Nutrition. A lot of factors have led to this major decision in my life, the first one being the need for time. Time is so precious, the one commodity you can never make more of. I have found myself not having the energy nor the time to truly listen to my family and friends and be there for them because of my long work hours. As much as I love doing what I am doing, that just wasn’t right–in that sense, this decision was easy.
The going back to school thing was somewhat challenging as I haven’t been in college in 28 years… will I remember how to study? We didn’t even have computers back then! Will I understand the language they use? Yet it is so right, I know it deep within my gut, so here I go.
And I marvel at God’s ability to fill my life with good things. Each year when I look back, He has done marvelous things, so much more wonderful than what I would have planned for myself. And this year is amazing once more. Wow, how great my God is!
So, I am turning a page, and running forward with the plans He has for me. Who can tell what is next? I surely cannot, but I am going to stick close to the One who knows it all and holds me in the palm of His hand.


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