Worthy Trade

I realize that the decision to quit personal training in my home gym is affecting more people than just me, and it comes at a cost for myself and at the least an inconvenience for the others. Yet I remain steadfast in my choice, and I can see clearly now that the time is right. As graced as I was over the last three years to do what I did, I do not sense any grace to continue; the trade-off for this booming business is simply not worth it. I have traded my time for precious friendships, and that is never a waste. But I have also traded quality of life for the growth of my business. I have had to do major adjustments to my friendships and I have learned to do church, life and family differently. At this point of my life, I am aware that I must go back to those things that I value most. When time is short, what matters get shoved to the side, or it simply gets superficial. But when time is short, what matters is what truly must remain.
I am trading my busy business life for a simpler, more focused life in which I will develop more skills for what I really see as worth doing. The trade is expensive in many ways, but worth all of it. Extracting the precious from the worthless, I will still keep the friendships and build upon them, but I am losing the income that went with them. What I am losing financially, I am gaining in time and precious life, and that cannot even be counted. God is truly my provider in all things.


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