My front door is massive. The story goes that it is part of a barn door from India, and that Arnold Schwarzenegger got the other half; it’s a nice story, whether true or not… Anyway, this door is spectacular, and it weighs at least 450 pounds; it is even heavy to push open!
The amazing thing is that my house key is a tiny little thing. To look at it, you would never know that it holds within itself the power to open this colossal door. It is smaller than most keys, and there really isn’t anything special about it—just your plain, average key.
I have been thinking about keys a lot lately. No matter how insurmountable an obstacle (door) might be, it can be overcome with the right key. We don’t need a show of force to gain victory—we just need the right key.
I hold a lot of keys in my hand. They are gifts to me from my Father in heaven. I am starting to see that I need not look at the hugeness of the circumstance anymore; I am simply going to begin using the keys I have.
What keys do you hold in your hand?


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