Me, a quitter?

“Just don’t quit. If you don’t quit, you can’t lose. ” That is what I believe in all of my life. That is how I live my life, and how I am getting where I am going. That’s how I won my marathon, raised my kids, lost the weight, made it through school and through all kinds of tough days. Just don’t quit, Barbara; you can’t lose if you don’t quit! Good, strong people don’t quit.
In just two short weeks, I am quitting a huge part of my job; I simply will not be personal training people at my home any longer. So now, I’ll just work about full-time, rather than from the moment I get up till I go to sleep, give or take a couple of hours… Quitting doesn’t come easy to me, for embedded within me is the sense that quitting is giving up, and it is bad. Good, strong people don’t quit, remember?
It took the power of God to show me the value of calling it quits if necesary. To continue just for the sake of not quitting is really not very smart at times. As much as I love my job, it had become all-consuming, eating away at my times with my family, my relationships with my friends, the simple joys of life, the moments in time where nothing matters but enjoying the now. The theft happens so gradually that I didn’t noticed it at all. But God is always watching over me, and at the right moment, He revealed to me where I was at, and all I could say was, “yes, Lord, I get it.” And I made some drastic decisions…
It looks like my income could drop drastically, and when you get used to a certain standart of living, that is probably not a lot of fun. But everything is a trade-off, isn’t it? So I am going to trade money for time with my loved ones, energy, strength, enthusiasm for daily living. That is a very good trade-off, wouldn’t you say?
As I am getting older and wiser, I am finding that the truth of God’s word is the only constant that doesn’t change colors. Many of my strong black and white opinions are turning gray… I never ever thought that would happen. But you know what? I am more than ok with it.


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