What My Kids Taught Me

I am the person I am partly because of my four wonderful children–well, they are adult children by know, but will forever be my kids. So I was thinking today of the many things that they taught me over the last 27 (yikes!) years, and here is a very, very partial list:

  • To giggle
  • To look with both eyes wide-open
  • To look with both eyes wide-shut, but a heart full of ears
  • To hug for real
  • To text on my cell phone
  • To love odd colors on the wall–that one is all Amber
  • To be generous, and then some
  • To never, ever give up
  • To run to the Lord in the middle of the night
  • To really get into a story I read
  • To make a popcorn chain
  • To never, ever give up–that one is all Daniel with the marathon
  • To give up my life
  • To not be afraid of new stuff
  • To use the special symbols and characters on the word processor
  • To make up songs
  • T-ball and little league
  • To make stromboli–that one is all Matthieu
  • To think things through carefully
  • To make great peanut butter cup bars
  • To work hard
  • To go for it
  • To enjoy a massage–that one is all Maelys

I am so infinitely rich because of them.


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