The Rest of My Life

I meant this title to mean “what is left of my life,” but as I type, I am realizing that it would be just as well to entitle this entry, “the restful place of my life.”
I entered a new season this week, one in which I work 25 hours less a week, which enables me to actually have lunch, cut my finger and toenails, listen intently when my husband speaks to me, spend more time involved in the Word of God, not rush from one thing to the next, accept things in my life that were not on the schedule yet, and the list goes on….It feels like a new birth, like a new lease on life, and I simply cannot stop smiling.
How did I get to the place where I was so busy? It is quite odd and amazing to me that God blessed it all; He always backed me up and graced me in all of my endeavors, I never had any question as to His involvment with me in all I was doing. Yet now, as I step into this unknown territory, I sense His pleasure differently. I am making time to listen and He talks–how wonderful He is to me. I was made to be with Him.
I am re-learning to simply be, a skill I somehow let go off about three years ago–it is delightful.
My life is far from on hold; I probably still work about 40 hours a week if I were to add them up, but I won’t; I will simply live, and breathe, do what I do with all of my heart. I might start writing once again, and I will love my friends on purpose. I will bake for my kids, imagine that!
I have been given time, such a precious, precious gift. I will use it wisely for the rest of my life, both meanings intended.

I would love to hear your reaction to this post.

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