Published Cookbook

It’s been a very long road, but the NEWAY cookbook got published this week. A couple days after I approved my proof, I just went to and typed in “the NEWAY cookbook,” just for fun really, not expecting to see it there quite yet. But there it was… my heart lept in my chest. It’s something to know you are “officially” published, but it’s another to actually see the product on amazon. Thank You Lord!
This project came about as a natural progression from the NEWAY lifestyle, as we experimented and made up so many new recipes that not only taste great, but are good for you and promote all that NEWAY stands for.
So there it is, folks, our premier edition of the NEWAY cookbook. 215 yummy recipes, none of them very difficult, and each one of them bursting with flavor and health. No junk, no artificial anything, just real food for real people. If you never gave your tastebuds something to dance about, this is just what you need! And in the process of having fun cooking and eating, you will probably find yourself losing a few pounds, and enjoying food more than ever–real food, that is!


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