Dale’s Sunflowers

When he saw the beauty of Jennie Lake while his wife was pregnant with their first child, Dale Becker declared that his daughter’s name had to be Jennie.

My friend Jennie’s dad went home to be with the Lord last week. His life had been filled with life from morning to night, every day. He loved his wife Marge, his two beautiful daughters, chestnuts and gardening.
Dale did things big…
When he decided to grow sunflowers one year, he did not buy a pack of seeds, throw them in the dirt and watch them grow. Dale planted an acre of sunflowers. They grew strong and beautiful under his care, and people stopped their cars to admire them–or traveled to his place just to see them. The sunflowers would have their faces turned to the sun all day long, gracefully following it from east to west, from morning to night, and start again the next day, and the next… What a sight they were, simply moving with the sun.
Dale did just that, moving with the sun, day in and day out. And when the sun set in his life, he simply let Jesus take him home where he belongs. I bet heaven has chestnuts and sunflowers–acres of them.


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