Deep Creek

This was our second annual trip to Herrington Manor State Park, right next to Deep Creek, MD. We rented a cabin for the whole family, and we all got there at different times on Friday night. By 9 pm, we were all there, sitting at a large table and eating chili, laughing and relaxing together. As I looked at my grown children, my son’s wife and their dad all interacting with each other, my heart swelled with gratitude. What a mighty God we serve!
We talked politics, finances and laughed. We played Scrabbles with our own rules, making up words that had to have a real root, and we laughed ourselves silly. The guys worshipped with their guitars, went out on the porch to smoke the customary cigars, and laughed some more.
It rained a lot, but that didn’t seem to be an issue. We went for a little hike, checking out the Swallow Falls, and we took some pictures.
Quite an ordinary week-end, I guess, but it was simply wonderful being together with no agenda–just for the sheer joy of enjoying each other’s company. I am thankful.
We plan to keep doing this, integrating every new family member as he/she comes in. See you there same time next year…


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