My friend John Kuehn said the other day that there are no ordinary people. This sounded at first like such a cliche statement, but as I pondered it, I found it to be quite profound.

Indeed, there are no ordinary people. There are seeds of greatness within each one of us, potentials for amazing destinies fulfilled. There are dreams that must be dreamed, hopes to be realized, goals that must be reached, joys and sorrows to taste in order to be shaped, built into what we were meant to be. Each individual has the potential for all of those thrilling experiences, fulfilling purposes.
But there is still so much more: every person born is a candidate for being a recipient of the glory of God revealed in and through him/her. If I let this truth sink in deep within my spirit as a seed, it developed and took root, being watered by my Father. I am beginning to bear the fruit of an expanding love for mankind, a greater compassion for humanity, a true growth in my love, care and concern for my neighbors, friends, people I cross throughout my day–who will let them know? Who will show them the way? Who will demonstrate the way? Who but those who have indeed tasted of the divine glory?
If we have been born again of the Spirit of God, we have begun to taste of the heavenly–what will we do with this treasure carried in our earthen vessels?
I am working with the Lord to let my treasure (the glory of God) shine through me. I want those around me to taste of the kindness of God as they come in contact with Barbara, such an ordinary woman by the world’s standarts. Yet by God’s, I am anything but ordinary: He calls me the apple of His eye, His beloved, His precious possession, an intricate part of His royal priesthood. I am Jesus’ inheritance, the prize for which He died and rose again.

And you are a candidate for the same…