Winter arrived yesterday, heavy with crisp, white snow and cold, grey skies… and somehow I don’t mind this year. I have dreaded the cold weather too many years, and what a waste that has been. Seasons are lovely, they mark time and slices of life for us, they give us rhythms and traditions, opportunities for new experiences and the boasting of His creative beauty. How foolish I have been to wish whole periods of my life away.
Today is brand new, and I am reminded that my attitude colors all things of my everyday life. Nothing changed. We will still have cold, dark winters, and my fingers and toes will probably feel frozen most of the time until the month of May. This year, I am going to delight in each day that comes, each change that arrives. I may discover that I love hot cocoa and a great book by the fire on freezing nights, and I will delight in my beautiful winder coat. I will marvel at the frozen tree branches, a landscape that seems to come from another age. I will experience the twinkle of light on the white blanket of snow, and I will laugh. My attitude has been turned around, and my eyes see things differently–isn’t that interesting? I can’t help but wonder how many issues in our lives could be much easier with a healthier outlook…
May we have eyes that see the way we ought to today!


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