Here we go again

Daniel and three of his friends ran the Philadelphia Marathon again this Sunday. Well, again goes for Josh and Daniel; Audra and Sean ran their first marathon. Their goal was lofty–they each wanted to qualify for the big one in Boston, and Daniel wanted to do it under 3 hours. They had trained hard and were ready. But stuff happens… Audra’s calf wasn’t up to par, and neither was Daniel’s ankle as he turned it just a few days ago. I knew they served a great God who was going to show up for them, but my heart was nervous for them. I never heard a word of worry or complaint.
We had a big pasta dinner Saturday night, laughed a lot and went to bed early.
In the bitter cold early hours of Sunday morning befroe the sun had fully risen, they went off, looking half frozen in their tiny shorts and pink gloves. Big smiles, though…
We saw them looking strong and focused at mile 5 and 14. Even smiled when they caught our eyes. I kept praying, while shivering in my fur-lined boots–I knew they trained very hard, and their great God was right there with them, but their expectations were so big; my heart was nervous for them. Could all four really do it?
Yes, indeed, they could. Each one of them, and with time to spare! They each crossed the finish line strong and erect, Daniel under 3 hours, 2:58:17 to be exact. Every one qualified for Boston.
They shivered under their thermal blankets while they smiled big for pictures. They gave glory to the great God who strengthened them every step of the way. And my heart soared with pride–this is the future generation of those who put their trust in God. They indeed are doing and will do all kinds of exploits in the name of Jesus, declaring with their lives that their God is great, and utterly faithful.
My hats to you, Audra, Sean, Josh and Daniel. We will see you all in Boston in the spring!


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