Giving of Thanks

Thanksgiving just came and went, and of course it was lovely; we were with our brethern from church, had great food and fellowship, and simply enjoyed each other’s company. Bob and Danni sure know how to make their guests feel welcome and at home.
My heart is so aware of the need to give thanks. Of course I am thankful. Of course God is good, it goes without saying, doesn’t it? Well, maybe not. Or at the very least, it shouldn’t. When we stop voicing our thankfulness, life becomes ordinary, beginning to lose its worth. That’s why the psalmist constantly said, “oh, give thanks to the LORD, for He is good.” He constantly recounted the events of his life where he saw God being present, and he fed on God’s faithfulness.
The more we voice what we are thankful for, the more our eyes and ears will be tuned to what there is to be thankful for, and it will do our hearts good. The more we look for places where God is meeting us, the more we will see them; God has a special way of revealing Himself iintimately to those who look for Him.
I once made a list of what I am thankful for, determined to not stop until I had 101. At first, it was ridiculously easy, but as the numbers grew, I had to think a little harder. By the time I was done, my heart was about ready to explode with joy. Now, tell me, what changed from the time I started to write till the time I finished my 101 entries? Nothing tangeable, really, but my awareness was completely different.
People ought to have thankfulness journals. These could be as simple as a commitment to write down daily one thing that God has done, or that one is thankful for. Wanna bet that after a few days, you couldn’t stop at one?

So tonight, I offer 20 simple entries of what I am thankful for at this very moment in time, in no particular order:
1. My Savior, who loves me perfectly
2. My husband, the most wonderful man alive
3. My four children: Matthieu and Amber, Maelys and Daniel
4. The fact that they all walk with God
5. The favor of God upon my life; it is so unfair, totally undeserved, but most precious to me
6. My godly girlfriends
7. The ability to enjoy the moment
8. My home that I enjoy so very much
9. Time
10. My job, and how rewarding it is
11. God’s provision in all of my life
12. The gifts God deposited in me for His glory
13. My body and the health that lives in there
14. Laughter
15. Good food and dry, red wine
16. My Bible, where I find out more about my God
17. My life
18. The sense of safety upon my life
19. My sense of purpose in everyday life
20. My bed


I would love to hear your reaction to this post.

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