Exercise DVDs

Well, life just doesn’t get boring at all around here. I am enjoying working less and living more, and taking the time to tie up loose ends before school starts in January. We have been working on the exercise DVDs that we taped earlier this year, and they are finally ready for people to buy them and use them in their homes.
That is quite something, to see yourself on TV like that. Not very easy when you are self-conscious… I have to constantly remind myself that it is not about me, and how good/bad I look, but it is about helping people being motivated to exercise, and showing them how. When I keep it in that realm, I do quite well. But there is such a tendency in me to judge myself and compare myself to others, and it is not useful at all. I am who I am by the grace of God, and as I walk on with Him, I am being changed day after day, until the day I get home to be with Him. Until then, I have to let Him work with me to His glory, and not get frustrated with myself. It is the work of God in me that matters. So, as He settles me in these things, I am actually ready to sell these DVDs and help my friends have fun exercising. Hope you enjoy them thoroughly, and that they make you sore…


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