God is in the house

Ever thought about that? If you were told that the president, or your favorite movie actor was “in the house,” –maybe in the restaurant where you are dining, or the hotel where you are staying– you would be on the lookout for him/her, wouldn’t you? I know I would. I’d walk a certain way and look around, hoping to catch a glimpse of him, or maybe a smile, or even strike up a conversation and get a picture with him! I’d be looking ,waiting, expecting. I wouldn’t ignore the fact that he is “in the house!” I might even walk around a bit more in the hopes of seeing him…
God is in the house. He made this world and He is in the house. He sends us reminders of His amazing creative abilities and love for beauty every time we see a sunrise, a sunset, the moon in the clouds. He sends us reminders of His power in the storms. He sends us reminders of His perfect provision in the yummy foods we eat each day, and the plentiful water He gives for our thirst. He sends us pictures of His love in the friends who love us dearly, the smiles of strangers, the hope in our hearts. He sent us a complete representation of His image, His glory, His love and care in His Son Jesus who came as a child to redeem the world. He came through a lowly woman (she lived on the other side of the tracks), and was laid in a manger because there was no room for them at the inn… thereby ensuring we wouldn’t think He only came for the good, the rich, the perfect people; noone is excluded. He died a cursed death to remove the curse from every one’s life who dares to invite Him in; He rose to glory to declare His complete victory.
Yes, God is in the house! If you look, you will see Him–you really don’t need to look hard, let me tell you. And when you see Him, you will not be indifferent. All who see Him have a reaction, a response to Him.
God is in the house today, right now….


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