Chrismas Carol

“Oh night divine, Oh night, when Christ was born…” I found myself singing along with the radio the other day while I was wrapping my gifts, enjoying the music and atmosphere it brought with it. And then, I simply started to listen to the words and almost fell to my knees. Can you imagine what that night was like in heaven? Close your eyes a moment and picture the scene… Heaven had been waiting for centuries for the birth of the King who would reconcile earth back to God, and there it was … the night that would put in motion the most incredible salvation mission there would ever be in the Universe. The Savior was born! This is it, guys, we are actually witnessing the miracle of all miracles!
Wow… and He was born in a manger, and wrapped in used clothing. My King came, and we didn’t recognize Him; but Heaven sure did! Heaven knew this was the day victory was set in motion for all men, the day the devil lost for good, the day hope came to earth. Indeed, it was a night divine.
I am filled with awe this Christmas as I considered its message. My Savior was born. Let the bells ring, let the people sing… victory has arrived.


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