The Bucket List

We saw a pretty cool movie last night, The Bucket List, with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson. Two men find out they are about to die, and they make up a list of things they feel they must do before they kick the bucket. They begin their journey toward fulfilling the list, and that is basically the story. Quite thought-provoking I must say. So I have been playing with my “bucket list.” I have already discarded some of the first items I thought of; that’s a pretty important list. Is it things I really want to do, or must do? Is it things? Does it all depend on me? Is it simply things I want to see, whether I have something to do with it or not?

Well, here is my very rough draft of my Bucket List:
~heal someone in Jesus’ name
~help my grandchildren discover the beauty of flowers in my garden
~spend a week on the rocky coast in a beach house
~have my three children happily married
~surprise my husband with a brand new Mini Cooper for him
~work together with the Lord to deliver minds out of bondage
~bake cookies with my grandchildren
~go on a safari in Africa
~have a lakehouse
~see my daughter healed
~fulfill God’s purpose for my life as He has revealed it to me
~see NEWAY go national

This is a very, very initial list; I am sure it will change with time. I bet the “things” part of it gets smaller as you get older… So, want to start thinking about your bucket list?


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