I love my job, I believe that God created it just for me. And I spend so many hours of our day at work, or preparing for work, or thinking about work. In my normal week, I bet work takes the largest part of my time; so I make sure I live fully while at work. And I have found out a lot about life at work.
Work taught me that people are the same everywhere, no matter what shape, color, social or economical backgroung they come from. Most people have an immense need of being listened to, understood, accepted.
Work taught me that every one is lovable. Give it enough time, you will find treasures in people. And ugliness as well for sure. People will always be people, and as I learn to accept them as they are, my love for them grows, every time.
Work taught me that if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right. When I skimp on things, I skimp on the benefits in my life and the lives of the people I work with.
Work has taught me to listen, truly listen behind the words, and mold my behavior according to what is being said in the silence. Look intently, and you will find what is really there.
Work has taught me to be flexible. My best planned schedule is worth nothing if that is not what is needed for the moment. I am learning to be ready always, and to not fear change.
Work has taught me that if I do not change, grow and evolve, I will get boring and be bored!
Work has taught me that it is exciting to learn new things and implement them.
Work has allowed me the joy of reaping fruit in the lives of those I sowed seeds in. I am beginning to see that what I do matters and affects people’s confidence and ability to cope in life.
Work has given me a sense of purpose and I am truly thankful for that.
Work has taught me to never, ever go on “automatic,” but to give my all to every situation, every person that crosses my path, because they are worth it. It is an insult to them to go on “automatic.”
Work has taught me to depend on the Lord in ways I never would have had to otherwise, and that is a very good thing!


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