Face Book

Call me technology impaired, but I had never dared to enter the world of “Face Book.” What’s the point, I kept thinking? It makes no sense at all. But I was curious… so with the help of my daughter-in-law, I created my own account yesterday and I am now an official member of the Face Book (or is it facebook?) family. Kind of wierd, I have to admit. I wondered how people would find me, and why they would want to… but in less than 24 hours, I have now more than 20 “friends,” and I have reconnected with someone I hadn’t seen in over 1o years, learned more about what people I know are doing than when I talk to them (!) and I have had fun, I have to admit. Now one thing is for sure, this could be a great time waster, like my son Matthieu says. I can see that! For now, I just find it fun and fascinating, how a simple idea like that can connect people across the country and the globe in matters of minutes. I am friends with friends of my friends, and I see my friends themselves in a different light…
Still brand new to me, but really cool at this point. Thanks for helping me into the network, Amber!


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