Well, I am scheduled to have laparoscopic liver resection surgery on Feb. 13th. This news was a bit shocking at first I must say, and then fear started to creep in as I considered all that might happen, and how I would feel, and what the surgeon would do, and I let my mind have a bit of a field day with me, while at the same time I spoke the Word to myself and tried to be strong… not the best combination.
I forgot the simplicity of the gospel for a short while. See, God never intended for us to figure it all out, to be champions, strong in faith just because we are. He gets no glory from that. No, our God gets glorified as we braid ourselves together with Him and drink of His supply, His provision, His great love and care for us. He is thrilled when we rest because we believe in Him. He intends every situation in our lives to cause us to run to Him for sweet fellowship, that we might discover Him faithful once more and more precious than ever.
God gives food to those who fear Him (Psalm 111:5). He gives them His Word, Manna from Heaven. And this He indeed did for me. “Fear not, Abram, for I am a shield to you. ” Genesis 15:1 Well, I happen to be Abraham’s descendant, and all of the promises that God made to him (Abram) were made more sure in Jesus, and are mine by covenant. So now this is, “Fear not, Barbara Isaac, for I am a shield to you.”
A shield to me He is. Whom or what should I fear, then?
A shield to me He is. Do I have any reason at all to be downcast?
Oh, what a wonderful adventure I am on! He is here indeed with me, every step of the way. He is here indeed with me, wanting to work a miracle in my heart.
I’m at a good place. Indeed, my heritage is beautiful to me!


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