One Week

Life can just happen without too many happenings, and sometimes it is jam-packed.
This week, a friend of mine was at death’s door and the Lord rescued him; another friend was welcomed into heaven and a third friend was abused by her daughter and had to see her daughter hand-cuffed and brought to jail. This week, I saw the ugliness of self-centeredness in my own heart. This week, my son and his wife bought their first home, an uncle of mine died, a friend from overseas laid her heart bare before me, and God delivered me from me. This week, the sun came up every morning, the inmates in my county were moved from one jail to another without any incident, a college student died in his dorm and trees fell on the roads because of extremely high winds. This week, my daughter found out that she was getting a pay-cut. This week, a sister of mine discovered that she was more healed than she tought she was!
This week, a friend of mine was freed from sickness, and another one found God to be his peace in an unsettling situation. This week, my sister Danni rose to the call of God on her life and I saw her shine. Actually, in the midst of many trials, I saw many of God’s people shine.
This week, the Lord showed up.
In every instance, He made Himself available.
He settled hearts.
He mended broken spirits.
He soothed painful wounds.
He rescued from death.
He gave giggles where giggles were needed.
He caused His people to stand in truth.

This has been a great week in the kingdom!


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