A week Later

I had liver resection surgery a week ago, and life is starting to look very good again. It has been a bit of a painful road, and recovery has been much slower than I expected, but I have found the deep pleasure of being carried by my Lord–a priceless experience.
I have been forced to slow down considerably. As the days become less filled with pain and I am able to focus on life once again, I am finding myself asking some real questions about priorities. It is interesting to me that busy-ness stops us from seeing that we are too busy. Life happening stops us from seeing that life matters. All of a sudden, I wonder whether I have been off track somehow, giving my time to things that matter less than I thought. I am wondering whether I have been neglecting what truly makes life worth living, not even aware that I was.
God used food to speak to me. See, my friends have been cooking meals for me every night. The kindness and care recieved through these meals have filled my heart with the knowledge that I am loved. Now making meals for peope isn’t in my personal repertoire of everyday activities–I am far too busy for that. Yet it is in what the meals represent that God met me with His love. Hmmm…
It might be time to reconsider some priorities. What is a priority anyway? I define it as the importance I place on something. Well, we can easily list what our own priorities are. Yet how will we gage whether something is truly a priority in our lives? Wouldn’t it be by where we put our time, energy, passion, money? What we give ourselves to? to be honest, I have to say that my list of priorities doesn’t match where my time and energy are spent. Hmmm…
God is very wise in all of His ways. It is a very good thing that I have this time at home to recuperate and reconsider where I stand. There will be surgery performed in more places than one in me, the cutting away of what hurts me, and the setting in place of what is necessary. I welcome it.


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