My life is quite simple really: I wake up in the morning, spend time with my Lord, go for a walk/run, then go to work. After work, I run errands if necessary, then go down to my gym for a strength work out. At night, after I spend some time with my husband sharing supper, sometimes I work, or go for a walk, sit in my sunroom with my wonderful husband and share a glass of wine, write, read, watch television, and then go to bed, and start again the next day. But my life is exciting, because I find Him in all that I do.
Week-ends are different, as I get ready for the week to come as much as I can, go to church, and we make a point to be with our friends as much as we can. Two week-ends ago, we had dinner with the Halliwell’s and pondered the Lord’s faithfulness together as we have seen between the four of us a total of 6 kids grow up to become responsible adults who walk with God. We watched a wonderful DVD together “How great is our God ” from Louie Giglio and were motivated to go on with God. Last week-end, we had a wine tasting with some very dear brethern at the Mencer’s and we loved every minute of it; they are such gracious hosts, and we learned so much once more about wine. The winner was a Shirah from Australia. On Sunday, we had lunch with two friends. This week-end, we had our monthly dinner with Paula and Susie at Susie’s house this time, and we discussed weapons and the Lord’s protection.
The more time I spend with God’s people, the more I see how precious they are. We have been in this church for quite a while now, and we know each other pretty well–well enough to know each other’s quirks and to aggravate each other… but in a way, that is wonderful, for it is like family. We have accepted each other as we are and we travel together through life’s adventures–good, and not so good. We are growing old together one day at a time, and I see the Lord maturing us as we move on toward the goal. I like it.


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