Free to start over

Did you ever stop and realize that you are free to start over today? The old is behind you and you cannot really change it, no matter how hard you may try to pay for your mistakes. It is done with. Who said to you that you had to carry all of that past on your back as you enter into tomorrow? What unwritten lie have you believed?
Now there is a sure entity called guilt, and that is only dealt with by the precious blood of Jesus that washes us deeper than our thought processes can go, deeper than the wounds in the heart, and a thorough cleansing is absolutely necessary if we want to go forward. Yet when that is done, you are totally free to let go the past and embrace a new you. You probably don’t even know what this new you is like! Why don’t you find out? You might like yourself a whole lot. There are territories to conquer, people to love, dreams to dream and destinies to fulfill, and you will surely be hindered if you drag with you all that you ever were .
Take a deep breath and give yourself permission to start over.

You are very welcome.

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