The Laws of Nature

“Fighting the laws of nature does not work.
I am a personal trainer. My clients have varied goals, ranging from simply increasing their mobility, balance and flexibility to growing showy muscles. Part of my challenge is to design a highly individualized program that will help each one reach his or her desired outcome.
Over the course of time, I have discovered that regardless of their varied purposes, my clients must respect certain rules that are the same for everyone. I call them the laws of nature. Take breath work for example: If you do not apply yourself to breathe properly, your muscles will not function optimally, simply because they need a certain amount of oxygen to perform. Another example of this is progression: no matter how weak or strong you might be when you enter a fitness program, I always have to take you from where you are to where you want to be in increments—one level at a time, continually building on the last step you took. If in your impatience you decide to skip steps, you will wind up overtraining, or injuring yourself, and we will need to backtrack for a while.
Whether in personal training or in any endeavor of life, nature demands respect. We must learn to work in harmony with its principles if we want to succeed. To fight the unshakable laws of nature is akin to pretend gravity doesn’t exist. Life just doesn’t work that way. Would you throw yourself on a rock repeatedly in order to go across it? The rock would win every time; you, on the other hand, would end up frustrated and not having moved an inch. To respect nature in this instance would be to simply walk around the immovable obstacle.”

This is the beginning of the article I am writing at the moment. Thoughts on it? Please leave a comment!


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