Human Doings?

I heard something yesterday that really got me thinking: humans are described as human beings, and not human doings. At first, this sounded funny to me, but I think this is actually very profound and needed in today’s society. Isn’t much of our worth derived from what we do? When we meet someone we never met before, one of the first questions asked is “So, what do you do?” and we immediately categorize them according to their answer. What a person does, meaning how they provide for themselves, what kind of job they have, has become our way of determining a person’s worth more often than not. Yet in the great scheme of things, how important is what “they” do? Isn’t it more important to know who they are, what they think and feel, what their values are and what their lives truly revolve around? Maybe they define themselves by what they do, and that is what their lives are about… As for me, I have stopped that little game quite a while back. I surely was caught into it for a few years, but the Lord stopped me dead in my tracks and I no longer view myself as a ————– fill in the blanks, which is “personal trainer” for me. Sure I spend many hours doing my job, and I love it and I give it all of my energy, but it never defines me. It is just one facet of my life, I am not a human doing. God made me a human being. What makes me me is what makes me tick, laugh, cry, think, rise up to the occasion. I am what I am because of my core values that I hold higher than anything else–they direct my life. They are what makes me me.
So, how about it, friend? What are you? A human doing, or a human being?


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