Love notes

I delight in the life God has given me. I enjoy every facet of it as I walk on this earth day in and day out, just doing my thing. I started to grow sunflowers from seed this spring, and they are ready to be transplanted outside; I can’t wait to see them turn their faces to the sun a few months from now. The anticipation fills me with joy. And last night, I sat with my husband in our sunroom with a glass of good wine, we talked about our day and again, I realized that the moment was simply lovely.
Life is filled with little pleasures, and the more I get to know God, the more I see them for what they are: little love notes from the Lord to me. I have found that the more I look for them, the more my eyes are opened to them and I get to enjoy them. They are there all the time of course, but we are so prone to overlook them! Months ago, for 30 days, I set out to write down each day what I was seeing Him do–mind-boggling results! Oh, that our eyes would be opened to His amazing love and goodness to us daily…
So here is a very short list of some of His love notes to me this week only:
~He woke me up this morning
~He let me know He is with me in this room right now
~He gave me a short day at work on Monday so I could go run afterwards
~He gave an old friend back to me
~My daughter emailed me a lovely love note
~My NEWAY group is doing great and loving it
~He gave rain for my freshly planted grass
~He is tending to my baby sunflowers
~He used a friend to remind me of His purposes
~I sense His pleasure of me
~He infused me with His strength for my 4 mile run and I was so aware of Him with me
~He works out my schedule amazingly, hour by hour, to His glory and my delight.

May I continue to look for Him in all things. May you enjoy His pleasure of you this very day!


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