Good and Bad Days

I don’t have too many of these, but once in a while, I have a (very) bad day. Yesterday was such a one. It started with a less than acceptable attitude of heart that I allowed to fester and grow; it then affected my mind and eventually my speech and actions.
I can only get out of such a state by the blood of Jesus… I eventually woke up, considered His faithfulness, His purpose in me and I chose to believe Him rather than me; I turned to Him and I was changed.
Victory and joy are always available to me, but they are linked to where I will put my eyes.
This so reminds me of the poison ivy incident when my children were little. Two of them got hit with a serious case of it one summer, and they both were miserable. After treating the affected area the best I knew how, I instructed them to fix their eyes on Jesus, the only One who could take the pain away and make them well again. “Where you fix your eyes grows, you know!” I told them. Within a few days, one of them was completely healed, playing in the backyard again, carefree and full of life. The other one obsessed about the itching, the lesions, the look, the feel, the miserableness of the moments… and the poison ivy developed into a nasty infection that had to be dealt with eventually through an ER visit–less than pleasant!
Yesterday, I was that child obsessing with self, and it wasn’t a very pretty sight, nor was it effective in any way. Today, I have recieved mercy and turned my eyes to the One who is Victory and Joy. I expect a fruitful day.


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