One of Daniel’s Christmas gift to his dad was a lemon with a message on it: Go to the freezer. There, Rich found some very, very nice frozen fish, and a wrapped up book about Sushi. This came complete with a “how to” DVD and the bamboo mat needed to prepare the meal–such a thoughtful and fun gift.
So off to the Strip District in Pittsburgh we went to get some of the other ingredients we needed. We came home with seeweed, wasabi and a very nice (and sharp) set of knives. Ready, set, go… but life got busy, and it wasn’t until this week-end that we actually had our Sushi Night.
Quite an adventure, let me tell you! The rolling of the fish/rice mixture into these little seeweed packages isn’t as easy as the guy on the video makes it look to be! We didn’t get the rice to the exact texture it was supposed to be. All in all, though, I think Rich did amazing. And we had loads of fun making the meal, and even more eating it. I have to say that I was a bit nervous since I had never had Sushi before, but it truly was delightful. It tasted like more.
Thanks, Daniel, for a new culinary adventure… What great kids we have! Always pushing us forward in ways I wouldn’t have dreamed of.