I often ponder how amazing our bodies/spirits and minds are. When I consider the growing process of a human being from a child to a mature adult in every facet of live, I am utterly amazed. But it never stops! The process of growth continues once we become established adults, and from year to year I am in awe of God as I see Him move just in my own little life. Three years ago, I thought I couldn’t add another thing to my life. I don’t mean time-wise, I mean how full and good and interesting it was. But then God dropped a new idea in my mind, and I went with it, and my life is now totally different, and I love it even more! How could He ever top that? Impossible I thought… How wrong I was!
I am on a brand new adventure, and I could not even have dreamed it up if God hadn’t dropped it inside of me. And now, it seems like … of course, that was the obvious next step. How amazing my God is. I will continue to let Him lead me in all that He has prepared for me–indeed, things that eye has not seen and ear has not heard! I will sit still before Him and let myself be woven together with Him, braided with Him that I might not shrink back, but fulfill all that He has written concerning me.


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