Life Partners

Beth, a woman in my newest NEWAY for Couples’ class was introducing herself last week, and when she mentioned her husband, she described them as “life partners.” I love that. That is exactly what my husband and I are–life partners. We simply go through life together, supporting and encouraging each other to be all that God has intended for us to be. We live through the highs and the lows together, and all the extraordinary ordinary days in between. We are a team. He chose me, and I chose him, and this settles all juridictions. No one else has a claim on me or him, no law from any other team functions in this particular union; this is a specific team with a specific purpose and way of being. I love it. I love what we are together, and I am eternally grateful for how God is working His ways in and through us. I am completely content and fulfilled in my marriage.
Life partners, that is what we are indeed!


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