Yard Work

The weather has been gorgeous out here, and more than ever I have enjoyed cleaning up my yard and planting flowers.
There is something so rewarding about working hard and feasting your eyes on the fruit of your labor. I know I can only do so much–and that I indeed do with all of my heart–but the rest is up to God; He is the One who makes the stuff grow. Well, the stuff is growing this year, and it makes my heart sing.
When we moved four years ago, mine was a completely bare yard. Every year, I do my best, and I tell myself that it will start to look better next year, aware that these things take time. This week-end, though, after a hard day of work on Saturday, I looked around and came to the conclusion that it is starting to look alive. Still needs a lot of work, but my eyes like what they see, and it makes me dance on the inside. I was finishing up that day when an old friend stopped by with some much loved rhubarb for me. He is a master gardener in every way, and his place is always absolutely lovely. I thanked him for my rhubarb, and he commented on my yard, how nice it looked. Coming from him, it more than made my day. Thanks, Rick Brown! I am on my way to become a gardener indeed…


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