I am constantly amazed at how good God is to us, and how much I enjoy His gifts, and life with Him. Small and great things thrill my heart; I am forever amazed at the joy in me as I consider Him, and live my life to the fullest.
Here are just a few joys of the last couple of weeks in my life:
~We cut a hole at the top of our bedroom’s cathedral ceiling wall and had a triangle window installed. We now fall asleep under the stars, and wake up with natural sunlight–I love it.
~Yesterday, we bought fresh scallops, spinach and spaghetti squash, and we made a scrumptious supper with these three. Man was that good!
~My little garden makes me smile; the baby beans are sprouting, and I saw two midget tomatoes today!
~ The deer have chosen a new path this spring, and even though I miss seeing them, I love the flowers that are thriving!
~My relationship with my husband is soaring as we are learning to delight in one another and to truly communicate and fellowship; how sweet it is to be loved by him…
~The grace of God has enabled me to run 6.5 miles yesterday; amazing!
~The joy of the Lord is my strength, and I see daily how my heart is kept by His joy.
~I see movement in my church, and I rejoice greatly!
~God is giving me a new friend, and it is precious to my heart.
WOW, I will continue to sing, and enjoy Him thoroughly.


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