Summer Time

…and the living is easy. One of my very favorite songs; it brings you right into the athmosphere of summer, and makes you want to enjoy it thoroughly. I am always amazed as I consider the power of music… it is able to move emotions in the deepest parts of us.
I am enjoying my summer. Still working, cleaning the house, doing the things one has to do every day for life, but somehow it is different–the living is easier, the schedule is more relaxed and we take the time to be–bloody marys on the patio, watching the fireflies at night, admiring the flowers… Is it because the days are longer? Or because the sun warms the skin? I am not sure. I want to bottle up that feeling so I can open up that bottle of sunshine one day towards the end of the next winter.
But life doesn’t work that way. We are to take each season as it is and live it fully. Even our least favorite ones… and there truly is much to enjoy at every turn; one just has to open his/her heart and eyes. It truly boils down to an attitude, doesn’t it?
Well, for now, I am going to enjoy summer time, for the living is easy…


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