One berry at a time

For the last two Saturday mornings, I have been going blueberry picking with my friends. The air was a bit damp at first, with dew on the leaves of the bushes. The sun peeked through little by little and dried the bushes. It felt lovely on my arms and back.
At first, there is a lot to talk about, catching up with each other’s lives as we methodically picked our berries. Then, slowly, the conversation slowed down until we got to a wonderfully comfortable silence. All I heard was the sound of berries hitting the bucket, and a voice out in the distance every so often. Left to my own thoughts, I turned to my Lord and began to worship Him, enjoying His presence and telling Him how much He meant to me. I prayed about the things that concerned my heart as I walked from bush to bush, picking luscious berries and filling my bucket–taste tasting every so often as well. One small or large berry at a time. Within an hour, the first bucket was full, and my heart was empty of concerns. The second filled a bit faster; maybe my eyes or fingers got more skilled as I went on. By the time we called it quits, I had ten beautiful pounds of gorgeous berries. One berry at a time.

And that is how I live each day: one breath at a time, one word at a time, one kindness at a time, one smile at a time, one hardship at a time, one job well done at a time… until it is all done, and I hear Him say, “Well done, faithful servant.” I choose to take my time and enjoy my berries, one at a time, the picking, the eating, and the whole process–the crisp or humid air, the birds chirping, the bees buzzing, the buckets filling… one berry at a time. That’s my life. That’s the right way to live it.


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