lasagna Garden, part II

Today, I picked one zucchini, 3 cucumbers, 1 juicy cherry tomato, two broccoli stems (is that how you say it?) and a bowl full of green and black beans. I can’t see any butternut squash yet, but there are a few flowers. The cauliflowers are kind of nonexistent, but I see two pumpkins.
The garden is anything but tame, it is now climbing up its fence.
A cup of raw broccoli has 25 calories, o g fat, 5 g carbohydrates, 3 g of protein and 3 g of fiber. How can broccoli from my very own garden has all that stuff in it, and yet all I did was to plant dried up little seeds? I am amazed.
And the broccoli seeds did not produce beans, nor did the pumpkin seeds turn into zucchini; they each knew how to produce after their own kind. Everything that each particular vegetable was going to become was fully contained in the dried up little seeds. All I ever did was work the soil, plant, water and weed occasionally. I watched the little seedlings get thicker and straighter, the buds turn into flowers and then mature into fruit. They soaked in the sun, the water and the earth’s nutrients. And they became what they were meant to be. So naturally, without any effort.
I’ll let you take that in…


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