Sunflowers, part II

This is a very sad update–I watched my lovely sunflower seeds grow to maturity, and then finally develop into gorgeous flowers; they were as tall as me, and made me smile every time I saw them. But not even two weeks after they were in all of their glory, I woke up one morning to discover that ALL the flowers had been picked off by the friendly (?) deer that inhabit my neighborhood. Just the flowers, mind you.; they left the stems intact. There goes my long-standing theory that deer don’t like the color yellow.!
I enjoyed the growth process, but I feel ripped off as I didn’t really get to enjoy the fullness of what was to come. This reminds me how important it is to enjoy the journey, not just wait for the end result. And I truly did enjoy observing these flowers develop day after day, going through huge growth spurts after each rain. Nonetheless, disappointment and anger hit me when the deer had breakfast on my priceless flowers. I never fully experienced the fruit of my planting. Oh, may this never be in the things that truly matter in my life!


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