Rich and I had a week-end away, and of course, it was lovely. We simply had fun, didn’t do too much: we went to visit Falling Water, a house built on a waterfall by Frank Lloyd, went on a couple of walks, swam, played pool (well, he played and I kind of moved the balls around), ate dinner on an amazing veranda, watched the sunset, drank some great wine, watched an oldies band at Stone Villa, talked and talked and talked, watched a movie… nothing fancy to tell the truth.
We like each other. After 29 years of marriage, that is pretty cool. We really enjoy each other’s company, and three days of togetherness was great–time to reconnect, to be silly, to relax, to just enjoy the moments. “Moments, that is what you have,” I heard the Lord say to me on the first night we were away. Not hours, days, weeks, months or years, but moments. So I am let my days be a series of moments, thoroughly tasting each one to the fullest. And it is wonderful.
Going home wasn’t easy at first. I loved the freedom of no schedule, adn the joy of being with Rich. But moments is what I am given, and they come in all shapes and sizes. I am refreshed and ready to live my new type of moments in my every day life. And you know what? I actually look forward to them, because I know they are a gift to me, and they can be absolutely wonderful if I let them be.
Bring it on.


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