We are so very busy these days, and that might just be an understatement. Many of our activities are absolutely necessary, no question there, but I wonder how busy we really need to be. However, that isn’t even what I am pondering this day. I am noticing that we do a lot of what we do just because we do it, and it bears very little fruit. I don’t know that the issue is really that “our hearts aren’t in it,” like the expression says. I am thinking that we just don’t choose to purposefully put our hearts in what we do. I can bake a cake or bake a cake, if you know what I mean. You, who have a beautiful voice, can sing a song of worship, and the performance is truly beautiful. But what will you have accomplished if you did not pour your heart into the song, the words, the music? You will have a lovely performance, and that is it.
So much in life is done without heart, and it is breaking my heart today. Such a waste of time, of energy, of resources. No fruit to speak of.
I say, let’s do less, but let’s really do it.
Iam having people over for supper tonight. I am really going to do it!

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