Real Simple Magazine posed a very interesting question to its readers back in June of this year–today is Saturday and I get to catch up on a bit of reading!–WHAT’S THE BEST THING MONEY CAN’T BUY? If I could only pick one “thing,” –and what’s a “thing” by the way? event? moment? actual thing I can touch?– I would have to say that salvation is the best thing that money can’t buy, obviously. But I’ve been thinking… what are the things I truly enjoy that money can’t buy? So here is my beginning list for today:
My husband’s love and respect
Kids giggles
My children’s joy
The sense of God’s pleasure
Peaceful evenings at home
The smell of fall
The warmth of the sun on my skin
A caring phone call
The Word of God revealed to my heart
My healthy body
My girlfriends
The joy of the job well done
My soul at peace
My heart rejoicing
God’s voice to me
A walk in the woods on a snowy day
A walk in the woods on a spring morning
A walk in the woods on a summer evening
A walk in the woods on a warm fall afternoon
The song of birds
The whistle of our train at 8:32 every night
My husband coming home at night
Waking up without an alarm clock

I think I might need to write an article on this…


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