Potter’s Wheel

The way I was wasn’t as useful to the Master as I needed to be, so I am on the Potter’s wheel these days. The knowledge that my Maker knows exactly what He is doing is very comforting, even though I find the molding quite uncomfortable. I get used to my ways, my routines, my thought patterns, I get comfortable with my lukewarmness, and eventually it doesn’t even feel like lukewarmness, just “normal.” But the Potter is very mindful of His pots, and He delights in each one of them. When I became a bit dull in His eyes, He lovingly picked me up and put me back on His wheel, that I might shine for Him, that He might shine through me. The wheel is rough, the ride is scary, and all I know to do is to hold on tight to the Potter and trust Him, yielding to the turns of His strong hands minute after minute. The process is terrifying; the process feels wonderfully safe, for I sense that His hands are knowledgeable, and that His molding is good. Thr rough edges are being smoothed over through His repeated sanding, and the shine is beginning to glow. What scary joy it is to be cradled on His wheel, protected by His able hands.



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