I never thought much about volunteering. Between my family commitments, my church involvment and work, there often isn’t any time leftover. Or rather, what is leftover is mine. I have always been so protective of my time, and more so as I am getting older. But I also see more and more that it is indeed the currency of my life, and time is the very thing I trade for what I want.
Volunteering involves giving of my time in a new way, and God is stirring my heart in this. He has deposited much inside of this vessel, and I have been trained by Him in many areas. What is this training for? Is it just to serve those I know and love? Is it just to make money? I am becoming aware that the answer to this is a resounding NO. I belong to a God who wants me involved in the community, shining forth who He is in all I do. It is time to reach out and touch a different crowd. My heart is stirred, and I am talking to Him about these matters. How would He want me involved? How can I reach the most people? Or maybe numbers don’t matter? How can I reach the right people? Who are they? He has prepared much for me to walk in, and I don’t want to miss out on His plans for and through my life.
So I am actively waiting on Him.


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