In the Woods

We just came back from our yearly week-end at Herrington Manor State Park where we rent a cabin and the whole family meets up and stays there for two days. Third year, and going strong. It is a lot of fun to all come together from different places and just chill for a while. We all bring part of the meals, guitars, games and a great attitude. Last night, my “kids” talked about their respective jobs, and then discussed the American way, and how we are so materialistic, and what is God saying? Is the gospel of prosperity the actual gospel? And what do we do with the poor? As I listened and partook in the conversation, I was simply amazed to see the depth of their walk with God. Their speech revealed a soft heart that is surely seeking God, and my own heart was overwhelmed as I saw who they have become. And then, within a split second, the deep conversation turned to farts and giggles and total goofyness. When we were all tucked in late at night, the parents in the double bed downstairs and all the “kids” upstairs in the one huge room, I heard Maelys ask Amber, “Hey, Amber, does your ipod have binoculars in it?”
You gotta love the Croce’s!


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