A friend of mine was just diagnosed with Celiac’s disease.
I could tell he wasn’t well for a while. Even his color was grey, and it seemed that all strength, energy was drained out of him. This vibrant, fun man was beginning to look like an old, weary gentleman. After feeling sick to his stomach for about 8 months most every time he ate, he finally broke down and went to get checked. Nothing showed up until they took some kind of biopsy and figured it out. “No surgery, no meds,” the MD said, “you just have to tweak your diet. No gluten, no wheat, no barley and oats are questionable. My nutritionist will help you figure it out. In 3 to 6 months, you will feel great. But don’t eat any of that stuff, it’s like poison to you. Just a tiny bite and you’ll feel rotten again.”
It’s good news, really. No meds, no surgery, just a diet change. But it sure got me thinking… this friend of mine has been poisoning his body for all this time unknowingly, and the junk has to be removed–and never come back, because it will affect him just as badly the next time… I wonder how much junk I ingested today that affects me negatively? I don’t mean food, even though that is surely a fascinating subject, but I mean the real stuff, you know, like what I think, what I say, what I watch, what I read, what I meditate on… I wonder how less energetic I am because of what I am ingesting. Just like poison affects us physically, there is a poison that affects me mentally and spiritually if I drink of it. And just a drop will do, mind you. A drop? Yes, a drop. Might not taste very poisony at first, but its effects are devastating. It might take a while before I am somehow completely drained of strength, but poison will do it to me–every time.
Would you like a drop of poison with your water?


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