Raining Leaves

I went on my usual hike this morning. Most days, I don’t see another human being for the whole hour; it’s just the Lord, me, and His awesome creation. If I go in the early morning, the birds are singing their hearts out and the deer are hopping through the woods with their white tails dancing behind. In the middle of the afternoon it is quiet and serene, as though the whole nature was gently welcoming the evening. Mid-day has an altogether different feel, as though the woods are simply enjoying being alive.
This is my meeting place with God. The Lord and I have heart-to-heart talks; He knows I listen, and I am aware that I have His ear. I would not do very well in life without them. These times are what God uses to strengthen, refocus, reenergize, fill, sooth, correct, love and reassure me.
Yesterday, I spent the whole hour singing unto Him. My spirit was strengthened while I was being aware that He was receiving my praise gladly. Today, just as I entered our secret meeting place, He rained at least a zillion yellow leaves all around me. For a moment, I was in the middle of a fairy tale: birds singing, leaves raining, lovely wind. I stood amazed at the beauty, aware that this was a gift from my Father to me. “Thank You, Lord,” I whispered. I wonder how many gifts like this one He has given over the years that I did not recognize, did not enjoy for what they were…
May I live aware of Him more and more in the every day moments of my life. No wonder the psalmist cried out, “teach us to number our days, Lord.” Oh my Father, teach me to number my days. And to live every single one of them to Your glory.



  1. Wow – to live in such a beautiful setting and have that time with the Lord would be a great start to any day. I have to say, I envy you. But at the same time, I’m so glad you have that experience. Most of all, I want to learn to be content no matter where I have my time with God. 🙂 Thanks for sharing such an intimate picture of your time with Him, Barbara!


  2. What a lovely playdate! Thank you for taking me along for the joy. I can just imagine standing amidst that shower of leaves. The sweetest of showers 🙂


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